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is Xcart Free Edition REALLY FREE or is it a FREE TRIAL
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Old 07-01-2014, 01:42 PM
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Default Re: is Xcart Free Edition REALLY FREE or is it a FREE TRIAL

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for showing up so late.

Let me, please, clarify some points for you:

First and foremost, the Free edition by all means CAN be upgraded. The core is exactly the same as in Business package. The only difference is in those additional modules that are included in the Business package. And, of course, you can install any stand-alone module on both Free and Business package.
Please, check this blog post for more details.

Since the release of 5.1 the package that you download from the website is the 30-day trial of the Business package so you can test all the functionality. However you can always activate the Free pack which will just basically disable the module that are not included in it. The rest of the configuration will stay intact.

We do have the Migration guide in X-Cart 5 Knowledge Base that gives several option of how to transfer data from X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5. And yes, if you plan to use a CSV-file I would recommend you to export products from existing X-Cart 5 installation and replace the demo products with yours.

Speaking about "The site is temporarily closed for maintenance" message, it appears when something goes wrong during the cache rebuild. Please, see this article from the Knowledge Base for the instructions on how to manually restart the cache rebuild process.(You don't have to delete the files from the server) Also to determine the cause of the cache rebuild failure, please, check X-Cart and Apache error logs. I would recommend you to contact our support team in your Help Desk account to investigate it.

As for the evaluation notice, you do not need to modify any template files or anything like that. You just need to go to Catalog => Front Page section of the admin backend. Please, see this article for more details.
And in general, please, do not modify the core files of X-Cart 5. It is an absolutely different software in terms of code structure and all modifications should be dome via module in order to maintain easy upgradability. If you are interested in complex design customization, please, check this webinar.

Regarding license registration, once again X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 are absolutely different.
With X-Cart 4 you have different installation packs Gold/Gold Plus/Platinum that you install and then go to the Help Desk account, specify the URL of the installation and click "Register".
And in X-Cart 5 you have one installation pack with built-in marketplace where you can enter the license keys activating the Business package or additional stand-alone commercial modules. The license keys are emailed to you after the purchase and you, of course, can also find the in the Licenses section of your Help Desk account. However in case of X-Cart 5 all the activation is done straight in the store. And the store then sends information to the Help Desk about where the respective license key has been activated.

So, please, do not share X-Cart 5 license keys with anyone so that noone could use your license in his own store. With X-Cart 4 you still need access to the Help Desk account.

And about limiting access for underage customers, as a work around you may setup user membership level for registered customers and show "over 18" products only to them.
Or you can add a Yes/No product attribute like a gift pack on the product page.
And I'm not sure if it would be enough from the legal point of view but you can also add something like "I'm over 18" to the "By clicking the "Place order" button you confirm that you accept the Terms & Conditions" message below Place order button on the checkout page because it is just a language variable that you can modify however you want.
As for the dedicated "welcoming" page with a checkbox, button or calendar, I would recommend you to post the suggestion in our Ideas Tracker. And if it collects a lot of votes we will definitely implement it as a module.

If you come up with any additional questions regarding X-Cart 4 or X-Cart 5 do not hesitate contacting our team either in your Help Desk account or via the email
X-Cart team
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   X-Cart forums > Considering X-Cart > Considering using X-Cart for my project

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