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Purchasing New Cart - Go With 4.6?
   X-Cart forums > Considering X-Cart > Considering using X-Cart for my project
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Old 06-17-2013, 12:02 PM
MendoDev MendoDev is offline

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Default Purchasing New Cart - Go With 4.6?

I am about to purchase a new cart and am grappling with the decision as to whether or not to go with the new 4.6 version or an earlier, more stable version. Is it even possible to purchase an earlier version?

After reading through the X-Cart 4.6 released thread,, the latest release sounds more like a beta version.

I have been an X-Cart customer since 2006 and have purchased the most recent versions in the past, but with this new version 4.6.0, it looks like an upgrade to a more stable version in the coming months is inevitable. I am not a software developer and have purchased technical support sporadically over the years for various sites for most issues that were non-cosmetic, including updates and patches.

Part of the consideration here is the cost of the technical support for addressing the various bugs in the new version. In the past, the pricing was reasonable, nor had I purchased a version as cutting edge as 4.6.0, but the timing is as such at this moment. I know that there is another thread discussing the new tech support pricing structure, and do not wish to start a discussion here, but just want to mention that this is a factor.

With that said, this current project entails data migration from another shopping cart. I can handle the data migration (products and customers will be migrated, not orders - hopefully the import/export portion of the new version is stable) and customization of templates. This client has an older design that they will not be updating in the foreseeable future, and I would be purchasing Gold Plus and the X-Cart Mobile module, rather than attempting to get the current design to work with the responsive layout.

1. Is it better to go with the latest version, 4.6.0 and sweat it out until a more stable version like 4.6.3 comes out, which could be many months? Or go with an older version that is more stable, if possible, and if so, which version would be a good recommendation?

2. There is an option to purchase an Installation and 1 month support service pack with the cart. Does anyone know what the 1 month support service entails?

3. Has anyone experienced any issues with the X-Cart Mobile module and version 4.6.0 at this time?

Any information is greatly appreciated.
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Old 06-17-2013, 12:11 PM
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Default Re: Purchasing New Cart - Go With 4.6?

I would go with 4.5.4 at this time and wait for 4.7.x to upgrade... 4.6.0 is buggy, not stable and has a lot of issues. Some will be fixed in 4.6.1 but when this will happen.... If you are thinking the new site development will take like 2-3 months before goes live you can start with 4.6.0 so you can easily upgrade to more stable 4.6.2 maybe before making site live...
Steve Stoyanov
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Old 06-17-2013, 02:06 PM
carpeperdiem carpeperdiem is offline

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Default Re: Purchasing New Cart - Go With 4.6?

There are other mobile templates - you should make sure you do your homework. Buy the best mobile template for your needs.

In my opinion, 4.6.0 is not "buggy" as much as it's just a renaming of what was going to be 4.5.6 - so "bugs" that were being dragged along on the 4.5.x branch simply made it to the new branch.

If you look at the change history of 4.5.4 to 4.5.5 to 4.6.0, there are very few feature upgrades, but lots of so-called "security" enhancements that have simply gotten in the way of many stores.

A 4.5.4 store is not any less bug-free than 4.6.0 -- but you will have to disable modules that don't work (and there are more than a few) and you will not use functions that break.

Since not everyo store uses every function, there is a chance that you can build a fine store without ever tripping on a "bug".

There has been lots of pressure on xcart management to squash bugs - and we just may have a version by 4.6.1 that could be promising...

Depending on your 3rd party mod requirements, 4.6 introduced a new mod format for developers. and not all 3rd party mods are ready for 4.6 --

HOWEVER, there are big parts of 4.6 that are almost identical to 4.5.5 and very close to 4.5.4

It's not an automatic or clear-cut or black vs. white answer.

Analyze your 3rd party mod needs and work from there?

Sorry I can't give you the slam dunk -- it's definitely a shade of grey.
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MendoDev MendoDev is offline

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Default Re: Purchasing New Cart - Go With 4.6?

Steve and carpeperdiem,

Thank you both for your responses. You are right that there is no clear cut answer.

I reviewed the bug fixes for 4.5.4, 4.5.5 and 4.6 as well as the bug tracker. There were a number of bugs fixed in 4.6, but it also looks like many have been overlooked and new ones have been created.

Not an easy decision. It seems ridiculous that after paying for software, one has to choose between one buggy version over another. It is like choosing between the lesser of two evils; which version will bring me less aggravation and more stability for my client who is trying to operate a business. I would prefer less features that work properly than many features that are buggy. But that is for another discussion.

I am not going to be using any third party mods. The cart modules that I would be using would be:
Advanced Order Management
Detailed Product Images
Discount Coupons
Extra Fields
Gift Certificates
Google Analytics
HTML Editor
Image Verification
Order Tracking
Product Options
UPS Developer Kit

Plus SIM for payment method.

Regarding the mobile templates. I was going to go with X-Cart's template. Do you have other recommendations?

I am going to download a demo of the 4.6 and so some testing and migration and see what happens with this version. If it doesn't look good, then I will go backwards.

Thank you,

X-Cart 4.1.10, 4.2.0, 4.4.2, 4.4.5, 4.6.0, 4.6.4
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Old 06-18-2013, 03:44 PM
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Default Re: Purchasing New Cart - Go With 4.6?

X-cart is such a large and capable piece of software, that no bug free version will ever be released. It is impossible IMO to make something as complex as XC completely bug free. However it is quite possible to make a website that is bug free, even though it is built with buggy software.

I usually don;t worry about what version of XC I install. Actually the whole idea of determining whether a piece of software is "stable" or not is somewhat silly when discussing a platform like XC. It is not going to "crash" or become unhinged and disintegrate.

I'm telling you this to allay your fears. It is not as if an entirely new version of the software has been released, the current release is the amalgamation of all of the latest bug fixes, patches, and improvements. I would go with it, and move forward, don't look to the past for more stability. In this business the present is the most important thing on anyone's list. Well, now you have another opinion.

As far as mobile, I would use the responsive template to its full ability before concentrating on a specific mobile app or seperate site.
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Default Re: Purchasing New Cart - Go With 4.6?

Hello All,
I am also in confusions about update from my Pro to Platinum versions.Also qualiteam will not provide support after Sep 2013 for Pro.I have asked qualiteam but their reply is-
All three versions are stable enough, but X-Cart 4.6 is the most recent. This version is the fastest, it was optimized significantly if comparing to the previous ones. This version includes Responsive template for Ideal Comfort skin in X-Cart. It has Avalara and Klarna integrations.
================================================== ==
Is it really?(4.6 is the most recent. This version is the fastest).

Some of the third party modules still not updated for 4.6.0

Can u please suggest which platinum is stable 4.5.4,4.5.5 or 4.6.0 latest?

Thanks to all.
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