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X-Payments broken (again) with PayPal

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Old 07-29-2013, 01:49 PM
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Angry X-Payments broken (again) with PayPal


I seem to have an on going problem with X-Payments. I have the system set up and working. I have the payment methods imported. However, the PayPal Payflow gate will not show up as a gateway option. A pile of other gateways are fine.

Has anyone encountered this before? My x-payments server seems to be working. I can run a "test" to connect to the server. I can import my payment methods.

But, the PayPal Payflow Gateway won't show up.
If I turn off the X-Payments module, PayPal won't appear, either.


I had this very same problem when I first "adopted/(was forced into)" x-payments. A spent a bunch of money to get QT to apply a pile of fixes to my store, to get it to work.

After reading about the security issue with X-Cart, I decided to go ahead with an update from 4.5.4 to 4.6.0 as well as a x-payments update to v1.0.6.

As you can guess, I have the same problem as before. No PayPal Payflow gateway.

Bob Monaghan
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   X-Cart forums > X-Payments > X-Payments issues & questions

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