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2 Address Lines

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Old 09-22-2004, 09:00 PM
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You might consider updating to the latest 4.0 release. It now includes two address lines.
x-cart 4.2.1 [linux]
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Old 09-22-2004, 09:09 PM
ajshades ajshades is offline

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2 adress lines is not the big issue here...

there are quite a number of other field I need to add for my client and this is quite a lengthy process to just add ONE field to the registration

you would think that xcart could simplify something this complex (i know it's asking alot but i think this is a very important part of customization of diffrent stores)

in 4.0 release is this problem fixed? is the registration fields changable by a simple gui/text interface like the rest of x-cart??
x-cart version 3.5.10
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Old 09-23-2004, 08:18 AM
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If you know how to code and are just looking for a list of files to modify without specific instructions, here's what I modded to add a second billing and shipping address line to a 3.5.x cart:

ALTER TABLE `xcart_customers` ADD `b_address2` VARCHAR( 64 ) AFTER `b_address` ;
ALTER TABLE `xcart_customers` ADD `s_address2` VARCHAR( 64 ) AFTER `s_address` ;
ALTER TABLE `xcart_orders` ADD `b_address2` VARCHAR( 64 ) AFTER `b_address` ;
ALTER TABLE `xcart_orders` ADD `s_address2` VARCHAR( 64 ) AFTER `s_address` ;

INSERT INTO `xcart_languages` ( `code` , `descr` , `name` , `value` , `topic` ) VALUES ('US', 'Address', 'lbl_address2', 'Address 2', 'Labels');


PHP files altered:

Template files altered
Skipped: \skin1\modules\QuickBooks\orders_export_qb.tpl
Getting back into x-cart dev after a long hiatus. Modded lots of x-carts from version 3.1.x to 4.1.x. Developer of ImageScaler mod, Pre-login per user coupon mod, Wordpress feed mod, DigitalSubscriptions mod, Phonetic bulk download keys addon for DownloadExpander mod, Serial Number Generator for ESD products, Custom CMS/LMS integrations, external products mod, and more.
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Old 11-11-2004, 12:33 AM
junaid junaid is offline

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Originally Posted by shan
check register.tpl

you could re use an un needed field
Great idea, thanks so much saved my time.
xcart 4.18 on linux
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Old 01-17-2006, 07:28 PM
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I followed all the instructions but when i try to place order on my store and click on submit button on last payment page i got the following error. I will be grateful if any one can help.


Your order is being placed. Please wait...

INVALID SQL: 1136 : Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
SQL QUERY FAILURE: INSERT INTO xcart_orders ( vat_no,please_select,contact_number, organization_name,gender,occupation,time_occupatio n,provide_daytime,current_network,msisdn, middle_initial,date_of_birth,previous_name,marital _status,phone_landline,b_flat_number,b_house_numbe r,b_flat_house_number,residential_status,b_ltca,s_ mobile_number,s_flat_number,s_house_number,s_flat_ house_number,s_ltca,p_mobile_number,p_flat_number, p_house_number,p_flat_house_number,p_residential_s tatus,p_ltca,employment_status,account_holder,acco unt_number,sort_code,bank_address1,bank_address2,b ank_address3,a_city,a_country,a_zipcode,services,h ome,work, login, membership, total, giftcert_discount, giftcert_ids, subtotal, shipping_cost, shippingid, tax, taxes_applied, discount, coupon, coupon_discount, date, status, payment_method, flag, details, title, firstname, lastname, company, b_title, b_firstname, b_lastname, b_address, b_city, b_county, b_state, b_country, b_zipcode, s_title, s_firstname, s_lastname, s_address, s_city, s_county, s_state, s_country, s_zipcode, p_address, p_city, p_county, p_state, p_country, p_zipcode, phone, fax, email, url, clickid, extra) VALUES ( 'ssssssssssss', '', '', 'ssssssss', 'Male', 'ssssssssss', '284018400', 'ssssssssss-ssssssssssss', 'Orange', '000000', 'CLo985485', 'no', '-14462', 'no', 'Divorced', '00-00', '12', '12', '12', '', '276066000', '', '12', '12', '12', '0', '', '', 'hous no', 'rrrrrrrrrr', 'Owner', '568015200', 'Self employed', 'Akbar Khan', '0000', '000-00-00', '000', '00', '0000', '0000', '', '000000', 'Yes', 'Y', 'N', 'tester', '', '16.99', '0', '', '15.00','1.99', '127', '0.00', 'N;', '0.00', '', '0.00', '1137561268', 'Q', 'Credit Card (manual processing)', 'N', 'Sgefkedeiegdkdhdsemhpdgdeeoeidfhligkrgjekdiepeeei ekeleldpilsgnerprfrmrdopnkpssprjrmrqrgsonsqosmsgsq mrqjskrispomrrrfrpslnhossjrlserfnrrjpkqipplmphqrpe pspoqqlnmelflglhliljlklllmlnlolplqlrlssdsesfsgshsi ppmenmningnsrpnoopndoqrosfrgririrdqqmqnennsispomos noliqopfqgqiqiqdrqnoosopqmqjpqqrqspdpe', 'Mr.', 'Gulbanu', 'Khan', '', 'Mr.', 'Gulbanu', 'Khan', '12 12', '12', '12', '', '', 'BB2 2NW', 'Mr.', 'Gulbanu', 'Khan', '12 112', '12', '112', '', '', 'BB2 2NW', 'rrrrrrrrrrrr sssssssss', 'ssssssssssss', 'sssssssss', '', '', 'sssssssssssssss', '', '', '', '', '', 'a:2:{s:17:\"additional_fields\";b:0;s:8:\"tax_inf o\";a:5:{s:26:\"display_taxed_order_totals\";s:1:\ "N\";s:31:\"display_cart_products_tax_rates\";b:0; s:14:\"taxed_subtotal\";s:5:\"15.00\";s:25:\"taxed _discounted_subtotal\";s:5:\"15.00\";s:14:\"taxed_ shipping\";s:4:\"1.99\";}}')
INVALID SQL: 1062 : Duplicate entry '0-ip' for key 1
SQL QUERY FAILURE: INSERT INTO xcart_order_extras (orderid, khash, value) VALUES ('0', 'ip', '')
INVALID SQL: 1062 : Duplicate entry '0-add_to_cart_time' for key 1
SQL QUERY FAILURE: INSERT INTO xcart_order_extras (orderid, khash, value) VALUES ('0', 'add_to_cart_time', '619')

If the page is not updated in a 5 seconds, please follow this link: continue >>
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