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Old 08-16-2019, 03:02 AM
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Default Facebook feed

Hi there

Just recently I have created a Facebook shop and started using the 'Facebook and Instagram' product feed in conjunction with the Google feed for variants.

It seems to work quite well, aside from a problem with product details (like changes to product images) not being updated in Facebook even though the feed file itself is updated (this appears to be a common FB problem across multiple platforms, not just XC), but there are one or two issues.

The main one is that FB is complaining that my product prices have too many decimal places.

When I check my feed file, I can see why this is. My on-page prices include tax/VAT, but when the product prices are generated in the feed, the tax/VAT is removed, and the calculation leaves about 10 decimal places in the price field. £6.40 calculates to £5.3333333333333

Is there a simple way to restrict the number of decimal places in the feed without having to get under the bonnet and rewrite the feed code in some way? I can do that if I have to (er, possibly), but it will just make life more painful in future when the feed module(s) need to upgrade.

I should add that the products still show in the shop - it is a warning rather than a failure - but I would prefer not to keep receiving notifications to fix it and, to be honest, I don't think it should happen.

Many thanks

X-Cart Business 5.3.6
Various add-ons
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   X-Cart forums > X-Cart 5 > General questions (X-Cart 5)

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