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X-Cart 5.3 roadmap
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Old 03-10-2016, 09:59 AM
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Default Re: X-Cart 5.3 roadmap

Originally Posted by qualiteam
Do you see any error messages in the logs that may relate to the issue? The recent Loyalty Program upgrade looks through all orders and adjusts internal flags depending on order statuses. How many orders do you have? It may be that due to the number of orders it takes a while to process all of them.

UPDATE: Nevermind. I see your message in the thread dedicated to the module. Thanks!

Thanks for stating this. I told support I was stuck on step 13 and I HATE WHEN THEY SAY, well something is wrong with your server.....
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Old 03-10-2016, 05:58 PM
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Default Re: X-Cart 5.3 roadmap

Originally Posted by hartwellj
....If you have custom modules, then X-Cart 5 is a nightmare to upgrade and just like kev said, you literally are sitting in front of the computer crossing your fingers and praying that your site works
That's pretty much what we said previously about the number of modules etc: The more complex your store (number of modules / number of purchased custom modifications / self-engineered modifications etc) then the higher the chance of the upgrade process bringing with it some extra work in order to restore normal operations

Originally Posted by hartwellj
...And the idea that you DON'T have to upgrade is completely false. The new updates fixe bugs in the previous version which requires you to upgrade, even if you want to stay on the current version
We can see a valid point here, but would add; it's all down to the setup of your store and EXACTLY which bugs have been fixed with any upgrade that's released. This can be verified in advance via the change-log for CORE upgrades but unfortunately, not via any Module Change-log that we can see - Yet...... So it IS possible to delay upgrades, if your setup is NOT suffering from the bugs that the CORE upgrade fixes to be fair. If in any doubt after reading the change-log - it's easy to run a serious DEV store session to confirm what the effects are, but that needs time and lots of patience

We have previously delayed upgrades - thankfully - first of all when 5.2.6 went to 5.2.7 to 5.2 8 to 5.2.9 all in a very short space of time, but then 5.2.10 was released at which point we upgraded. We then held out again until 5.2.13 was released (but even that, then had subsequent individual module upgrade releases after the CORE upgrade...) but both yours and Kevin's stores, are for more module reliant/intense than our comparatively simple setup, so it obviously this isn't a valid option for everyone. In all cases, we ran serious DEV store sessions to work out any corrective actions, before going anywhere near the LIVE store to upgrade that...

Originally Posted by hartwellj
In my case the Anti-Fraud service is very important as much of my products are digital downloadable and I require it to reduce fraud. So it's either live without an essential part of your cart or upgrade
This being a very good example of "it's all down to the setup of your store" because for anybody NOT selling digital downloadable products from their store; do they need this module at all? We don't and we never have needed it, as none of our products ever have been or ever will be digital downloadable products - so maybe we're lucky, but plenty of other stores are non-digital downloadable stores too.

We think it's excellent that frustrations are posted (so carry on!) as with a little luck and acting on notes taken off here by the XC Team, in theory.....XC 5.3 (but maybe XC 5.4 hehehe) SHOULD be far more upgrade-savvy and therefore, so much more simple to upgrade CORE and Modules, by choice, separately, interactively, not mandatory etc thus giving the real ownership and decision making process back to the actual online store owners. Nirvana?
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