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Upsells in your cart (where they should be)
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Old 05-13-2003, 12:55 PM
YuriC YuriC is offline

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Join Date: Mar 2003
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Default Upsells in your cart (where they should be)

Yet More effective upsell mod that would put upsell products into your shopping cart placing it on the right side of every product. Inspired by my own mod which places the upsells underneath the product thumb thus making sure that customer doesnt have to scroll to see the products you want to upsell (- 9c9c337ef937ac89d1)

Anyways.. da code is hier

Step 1: get an array of upsells

<? # # $Id: related_products_cart.php,v 2003/03/07 12:26:49 acidleak Exp $ # # This script implements upsells inside of your shopping cart # $upsell_links = func_query($search_query = "select DISTINCT $sql_tbl[products].*, $sql_tbl[categories].category, $sql_tbl[product_links].*, $sql_tbl[pricing].price from $sql_tbl[products], $sql_tbl[pricing], $sql_tbl[categories], $sql_tbl[product_links] where ($sql_tbl[pricing].membership='') and ($sql_tbl[pricing].productid=$sql_tbl[products].productid) and ($sql_tbl[pricing].quantity=1) and ($sql_tbl[products].categoryid=$sql_tbl[categories].categoryid) and $sql_tbl[products].forsale='Y' and ($sql_tbl[products].productid=$sql_tbl[product_links].productid2) ORDER BY $sql_tbl[products].product"); $smarty->assign("upsell_links",$upsell_links); ?>

Step 2: Template
{* $Id: related_products_cart.tpl,v 1.7 05/12/2003 10:27:05 acidleak Exp $ *} {if $upsell_links ne ""} <table border=0 width="170" cellspacing=0 cellpadding=1> <tr><td class=DialogBorder><font class=UpsellTitle>This works well with</font></td> <tr><td class=DialogBorder> <TABLE border=0 cellPadding=3 cellSpacing=0 width="100%"> <tr class="ItemsList"> <td class="DialogBox"> {section name=cat_num loop=$upsell_links} {if $upsell_links[cat_num].productid1 == $productid} <a href="product.php?productid={ $upsell_links[cat_num].productid2 }" target=_blank> <font class=UpsellLinkText>•{$upsell_links[cat_num].product}</font> </a> {/if} {/section} </td> </tr> </table> </td></tr> </table> {/if}

Step 3: add this to your cart.php right before first "smarty->"
# Upsells if($active_modules["Upselling_Products"]) include "./custmods/related_products_cart.php";

Step 4: add this to your cart.tpl where u want the upsell to appear
<div align="right"> {if $active_modules.Upselling_Products ne ""} {include file="../customer/custmods/related_products_cart.tpl" productid=$products[product].productid} {/if} </div>

This code can be seen at work on
hack well
- acidleak
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Old 08-21-2003, 12:42 AM
  enge919's Avatar 
enge919 enge919 is offline

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Default Help with code

I've got the first mod for the upsells under the product picture but I cant figure out how to make this one work. I am reading the code but guess I am still a bit too new at this the figure it out on my own. Could you please help as to where to put everything?

Check out how the first mod looks on my site dafeb28ea0516a

Also, how do I change the color of the table?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Old 09-04-2003, 08:07 AM
sabrina sabrina is offline

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Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Indianapolis, IN., USA
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Default Upsell in cart

Tell me please where i have to put this codes and how?
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