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Automatic Membership Level

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Old 06-09-2013, 12:22 PM
carpeperdiem carpeperdiem is offline

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Default Re: Automatic Membership Level

PS - if you use AlteredCart Checkout_One, add the <input type> lines in the file,


<input type="password" autocomplete="off" name="passwd2" id="passwd2" size="32" maxlength="64" value="{if $login}filler{else}{$userinfo.passwd2}{/if}" onchange="javascript:checkoutDoPasswordsMatch();" />

<input type="hidden" name="membershipid" value="1" /> <input type="hidden" name="pending_membershipid" value="1" />

And then a new customer registering at checkout will automatically be assigned to your membershipid = 1 at checkout

IF you use other checkout templates, you will probably need to edit those.
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Old 08-22-2013, 05:37 PM
Duramax 6.6L Duramax 6.6L is offline

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Default Re: Automatic Membership Level

To make this work in 4.6.0 and you are using the One Page Checkout, you need to make the same modifications to account_info.tpl located in

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Old 09-10-2013, 11:44 AM
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RPMOffroad RPMOffroad is offline

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Default Re: Automatic Membership Level

Carpeperdiem's Post worked wonders for me on this the only thing I would add is to make sure that you DISABLE signup for membership in general settings and an easy way to find out your "MemberId" is with firebug, right click on the membership level you WANT as default and inspect element. the Memberid will be the number beside the desired membership level. Kudos carpeperdiem days of continued searching ended by you!!
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Old 03-18-2019, 12:22 PM
Tearlet Tearlet is offline

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Default Re: Automatic Membership Level

This customer has upgraded from X-Cart 4.4 to X-Cart 4.7 and it appears the membership will no longer automatically register the new members.

I have made sure the include/register.php has

// Update/Insert user info

$common_profile_fields = array(

$profile_values = array();

foreach ($common_profile_fields as $field) {

$profile_values[$field] = isset(${$field}) ? ${$field} : '';


$profile_values['membershipid'] = ${'pending_membershipid'};

Anyone know of any other changes with X-Cart 4.7 that would need to be included to make this happen again?
customers use xcart 4.4 - 4.7, I will state which one with each question.
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   X-Cart forums > X-Cart 4 > Dev Questions > Changing design

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