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Canada Day

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Old 07-03-2008, 06:06 AM
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Talking Re: Canada Day

Originally Posted by ambal
Now I know where to go in Canada
Thanks, guys.

Here to help bro..

PS - If they toss a bra out at ya and they want it back, toss it back to em..... This one dude one time didn't and got his arse tossed outta there head first.

Disclaimer - This thread and all references to "Strip Bars" are expressly stated for entertainment purposes only. The person that referenced this situation (me) cannot be held responsible if you decide to withhold personal belongings from the ladies or perform any other such type of actions that can or could be construed as "shenanigans" and thus are beat up to a pulp for it. Have fun and good day.

Regards, Dan
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