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Issue Developing New Payment Gateway

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Old 09-01-2011, 07:31 AM
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Default Issue Developing New Payment Gateway


I am developing a new payment gatway for X-Cart and am having some problems. If anyone can offer any advice, it would be appreciated.

I have noticed that in order for the credit card form to be visible on the front end, the 'background' column in the table 'xcart_ccprocessors' has to be set to 'Y'. However, if it is set to 'Y', the module fails when the order is supposed to be added to the system (broadly speaking - after payment is taken, I mean). This is due to the file func.payment.php. See func_check_webinput(), c. lines 95 - 145.

Inside this file, a list of 'safe' modules is added to an array, based upon an SQL query that checks for active modules that do NOT have the 'background' field set to 'Y'. Eventually this array is examined; if the calling file of the module being used can be found in the 'safe' array then the transaction processing is continued. Otherwise, an 'access denied' error message is generated.

Can anybody explain the logic of this to me? I don't see how I can have the credit card form enabled in the front-end without causing the module to be recognised as 'unsafe'! How can I overcome this problem?

NB: I did try overriding the core file. The results were partially successfull, but I won't discuss this now for fear of overcomplicating the post. If anybody would like to know more though, please do ask. Also, please note that I have no documentation; anything I have done has been through reverse engineering, so there is a chance I've missed something rather basic.

Thank you,

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   X-Cart forums > X-Cart 4 > Third Party Add-Ons for X-Cart 4

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