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2Checkout v2 additional parameters

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Old 04-12-2005, 06:21 AM
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having agreed to visa/master card issue but what was in their hands they didnt do it as well.

i loved the conveneince 2co provided regardless of charges as we dont have many options either but i have serious doubts regarding few things in v2.

1) before they use to tell everything about verifications in invoice sent to site admin, that saved lot of time of ours in deciding whether to go ahead with order or not, now you had to login everytime to check it.

2)Marking order shipped has gone too pathetic , you had to find order separtely using 15-18 digit order number, i wonder who would remember that.

3) branding: i can understand it may have been caused by visa /MC but i still suspect it.

otherwise i dont had much problems with 2co, received payment in time, reporting was not easier but not too difficult also, didnt get too may missed orders due to 2co being down etc.
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