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HELP - Looking for mods

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Old 06-16-2008, 01:02 AM
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Default Re: HELP - Looking for mods

There is a setting you may have overlooked. In Admin, click General Setting, then under General Options find the Inventory Options section. Make sure that the "Disable inventory tracking" box is not checked.
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Old 06-16-2008, 01:04 AM
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Default Re: HELP - Looking for mods

Originally Posted by GeeCee
> 4. How can I control the inventory for a product with sizes and colors?

I think I'm right in saying that xcart is a bit silly when it comes to running out of stock. E.g. if you set the stock to just 3 left, it won't stop someone ordering 5 of them!

GeeCee, my system doesn't do this... sets drop down to quantity available... (think Bullfrog has given you the answer for this perhaps )

Exception is when someone lands on a product page and quantity selected shows (and at same time another customer adds stock to cart for that same product, thereby making quantity "actually" less) - what actually happens as I understand is 2nd customer gets error message on add to cart if stock is now less, as stock is no longer free (as in meantime another customer has taken / reserved the stock by adding to their cart)...
Unsure why your system works differently GeeCee
So perhaps check this possibility on your own system am2003, if this is a worry to you and at least understand if this problem can occur... but is going a step beyond what you asked (i.e. can stock be handled for combinations / variants).

Cheers - Asiaplay

Notes (incase they are useful - as relates to stock issue):
In X-Cart stock is minus / reduced off inventory levels at the point someone "adds to cart" (not at the point they pay)... when someone adds to cart their payment status goes to "not finished" (assumption here is that people adding to cart, have the intention of buying and paying - so that once in their cart, the stock should be reserved for them... and therefore the customers cart is given the payment status "not finished" until they make payment a few minutes or hours later).
My understanding is that if payment is not made within the next two hours then stock returns back into inventory (and payment status for cart is no longer set to "not finished" for that customer
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Old 06-16-2008, 01:17 AM
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Default Re: HELP - Looking for mods

Ah Bullfrog, you are correct, thanks. Damn those settings you pick when you first install x-cart and then don't remember are there!
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