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Issues with Firetanks Tracking Sys in Marketing Manager

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Old 06-20-2008, 07:40 PM
markwhoo markwhoo is offline

Join Date: Nov 2003
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Default Issues with Firetanks Tracking Sys in Marketing Manager

Has anyone else begun to see blanks popping in and out of the store with absolutely no info available for anything when a user is on the site?

For example if a particular user for an IP shows up on a page, usually the tracking in Marketing Manager will allow you to see how they are viewing the site, where they are from, what browser they use etc.

Even where they came from like the referrer.

This issue began about a week ago, I began to see someone come to the site (different ip addresses), could not tell what page they landed on, nor could I see any details when I opened a pop up window to view their properties.

Now, it is almost as if there is always users on the site that I cannot read anything about them at all.

It seems as if there has been some sort of update to a browser (IE Probably) that totally removes the ability of our tracking capabilities within Marketing Manager and other statistic software or scripts.

It has jumped from a single user within a few hours to almost half of the users on the site at all times.

In the past people with firewalls etc could block referrers or small amount of info, but in no way would it block absolutely everything. What ever it is they are using now, almost every aspect of their surfing is anonymous and you cannot see anything but an IP address.

Has anyone else seen this and know what it is?

Can we override this?

It makes the tracking for Marketing Manager and other statistics type scripts almost useless to us now.
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Old 06-23-2008, 11:55 AM
JazzyJeff JazzyJeff is offline

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Default Re: Issues with Firetanks Tracking Sys in Marketing Manager

Is it true no matter which browser you use? Not sure what it may be.

MM Pro is working fine for us in version 4.1.9 although we have always periodically had customers who you cannot see at the moment using MM Pro (blocked referrers, for example). However, it isn't a significant percentage of vistiors to which we have no data. We do see blank "hits" all the time on the users portion of advanced statistics in X-cart.
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Old 06-23-2008, 01:15 PM
markwhoo markwhoo is offline

Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 799

Default Re: Issues with Firetanks Tracking Sys in Marketing Manager

Yes, This problem exists in both FireFox and IE.

It is not a matter of being able to view results, it is on the end usre side that the entirely blank profiles are generated, or should I say blocked.

We too have seen blocked referrers and such, but in this particular case, it is EVERYTHING missing except for the ip addresses.

It began as one or two a day, and now it is at least one quarter of all visitors, at all times.

I spoke to FireTank guys, and they have not see this yet, but are very curious as to what it is too.

In their opinion, if it was due to corrupted file, or something wrong with MM, you would either see ALL, or NOTHING at all.

We,, we do see everything on the other three quarters of end users on this particular site, so MM is not broken. We also see the gaps in funnel stats from xcart scripts, as well as missing data within server logs.

It is almost as if a ghost is visiting the site, and leaving no tracks...

trashes ALL tracking scripts, stats etc if you like to keep track of things as such. Our thoughts were based on a possible new release of IE maybe, or firewall software that blocks all of this data, but have nothing concrete to tag it to.

If you cannot find what it is that causes it, you cannot begin to fix the issue.

Needless to say, tracking scripts such as MM, sales and stats, stats scripts and possibly google analytics could all possible be affected by something like this....
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Old 06-26-2008, 08:51 AM
  groovico's Avatar 
groovico groovico is offline

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Default Re: Issues with Firetanks Tracking Sys in Marketing Manager

It's more to do with an individuals set up.

Internet security software (which blocks everything for the users privacy)
Browser security settings which are set to very high
It can also be search engine bots which ignore javascript and return nothing
PDA or phone browsers don't all support all features so those can return nothing or null codes

There are numerous things that are outside of the tracking softwares control, it's asking the user to idenitfy themselves and if they have chosen not to indenify themselves there's nothing you can really do.

There tends to be a small percentage which do this, nothing major though.

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Old 06-26-2008, 09:06 PM
markwhoo markwhoo is offline

Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 799

Default Re: Issues with Firetanks Tracking Sys in Marketing Manager

Someone must have had a fire sale on protection software then lmao.

I have used your software for years now, and I have never had so many people and the count is climbing that is not readable.

All we see is ip address, nothing more, period.

Even in the past when someone used security software we seen more. We seen browser type, we seen referrer, we seen something.

Now we see nothing.

I have watched the number steadily climb to now at the minimum of one quarter of the people on the site at the same time, and on a consistent 24 hr basis.

I really do not think this is a simple bot problem, these ip's are people... Tthere cannot be that many bots on the site at the same time all of the time (24/7)

We do have bots hit, but even they leave some sort of track or trace. This is a ZERO info type of hit to the site.

Statistics software does not pick them up, I am sure sales and stats dose not pick them up, but for some reason most folks either do not pay attention to this thread, do not use the mod and have no input, or have no clue as to what it is themselves.

I just thought it was strange it happened so fast, and almost overnight jumping from one or two per week with little info shown in their tracking stats, to one quarter of the people at all times and their having NO info period.

We have seen little traffic change, our sales are steady and good, we have had no fraudulent activity, so I am not sure what to pin it to exactly,

If the mod was misconfigured, we would have no info for anyone, but we do read most people and their stats.

It has to be some sort of browser security release, security program or something that has been released recently to cause this.

We use MM tracking all of the time, and it sux that our stats are trashed now because it is no longer a small number of people (one or two per month) to this huge number all the time.

I was hoping we could find others that seen this spike as well and try to find what the culprit is.

It cannot be good for ANY tracking software or scripts.

I am not trying to dis MM's tracking script, just trying to see what is causing the blindness it is now experiencing.

I am tempted to install sales and stats myself to see how many people are showing blank stats. I am sure it is the same number....

It is aggravating not knowing what page their on, what they are doing, or where they came from, lol.
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Old 07-17-2008, 09:06 PM
markwhoo markwhoo is offline

Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 799

Default Re: Issues with Firetanks Tracking Sys in Marketing Manager


I thought I would post back to this thread to let folks know there is a resolution to the issue of not seeing info for anyone visiting your site as I had posted above.

I have always seen one or two folks visiting the site have some snippet of info missing in the pop up details for a person visiting the site. It is the simple nature of the beast as far as browser settings, protection software or even firewall settings, but never had I seen such a huge explosion of zero info, or not know what page was being visited on such a large number of people before.

We kept watching, had little feedback from people which may be a result of either no one knowing what to say, or what to check, or simply not visiting this category of threads much.

Anyhow, after a lot of frustration, and a few communications with FireTank tech support, reviewing data etc, we found all of the people with zero data being shown were using the newest browser release from IE.

We thought we would provide FireTank with this info, and for what ever reason they had dropped by the site poking around looking for what they could see and offered this little tid bit of info to try, and see if this change made any sort of results for the better.

As per instructions when installing and setting up the Marketing Manager Mod, you are told to set up the links as follows:

../track.js ../mm_tmon_script.php

Note the placement of the two points in front of the leading slash pointing to the root.

We were asked to change our references to the following, removing the two points in front of the leading slash:

/track.js /mm_tmon_script.php

The reason they offered this info, was they also knew we had recently installed the new CDSEO Pro mod, and had to make a different change in another mod to allow it to operate normally in concert with the new links being used.

I would like to report I have not seen a single detailed pop up with zero details at all from the time this small change was implemented to this point. We also see what page is being visited at all times. ALL visitors now have their respective info being shown as it did prior to the installation of the CDSEO Pro mod.

I did not think the addition of the CDSEO Pro mod would effect the Marketing Manager Pro's tracking mod as it did, and quite frankly, I do not think anyone else did either, but I thought I would let others know that the tracking capabilities are as good as they always have been in the past now the change has been implemented, and if you too are seeing missing info or fetails and are not sure why, you may be missing these stats due to the installation of CDSEO Pro.

So, a formal thanks to the tech support at FireTank for the heads up, and hopefully others will find this little change helpful if they are missing info in the detailed pop ups for visitors on their site.
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