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Live Sites, No Test Orders Please!

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Old 11-13-2002, 05:00 AM
syddos syddos is offline

Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: London, England, UK
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Default Live Sites, No Test Orders Please!

Hi XCART Members,

I'm about to complete my latest xcart development, xcart in a 4 Frame Frameset. Given the problems some forum members are experiencing with tests being made on live websites, how about introducing a "Live Members Website" section, with the emphasis being Live, in other words, for viewing only, perhaps the title could be something like "Live Sites, No Test Orders Please" (unless the member is placing a genuine order).

The existing "members website" section, can be used for members who want their site tested for errors, comments, reviews, feedback, e-mail messages etc, and allowing dummy orders to be made.

Once the site is ready for rollout, the member can delete the site from the test area section, and place it in the "Live Site, No Test Orders Please" section.

Question to All Members; Good or Bad idea? Please feel free to comment by posting your views. A copy of this this request is in the "Wish List" section.


Nothing is impossible, We just don't know how to do it ........Yet!

Xcart 4.1.X PRO (Testing Platform: winXP Pro)
Perl 5.8.7 (win32)
WINAMP 1.6.3 (win32 server package. Includes the following)
- phpMyAdmin v2.8.03
- MySql 5.0.21
- Apache 2.0.55 (win32)
- php 5.1.4
- SQLitemanager 1.2.0
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Old 11-13-2002, 05:12 AM
  shan's Avatar 
shan shan is offline

Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Birmingham, UK
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I agree with you there.

While im in development its good to get feedback from people on a site but as soon as it goes live then the client can start to get annoyed about having orders from mr & mrs tester etc.

If someone has a real need to take a look through a site then they can always contact the person who made the site and ask first.

Ill see what we can do about splitting the members sites area into two sections. In the mean time could everyone respect the other developers and ask before bombarding clients with false sign ups / orders.
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Old 11-13-2002, 06:00 AM
funkydunk funkydunk is offline

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It is a shame to lose the advantages of a team of people that can help test sites but this may be creating additional work.

If we amend our signature to include the urls of test sites where comments and feedback/test sign-ups are okay. As soon as the url is live, remove it from our signature and it automatically is gone from the whole forum.

Otherwise we would have to go through old messages and delete references to live url's.
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