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Export addresses to FedEx

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Old 12-08-2003, 06:22 AM
pipercub pipercub is offline

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Default Export addresses to FedEx

* Sorry about the long chunk of code making you have to scroll over, but the line breaks in this code are critical.

Tested with Version 3.4.4

Well, I got tired of entering all of my shipping addresses into the FedEx system for every order. So.... I created the following mod to export the order data in the specific format that FedEx is looking for.

I should note that I use the FedEx Ship Manager Software (desktop version) with a thermal printer. I don't know if this export will directly work with the on-line version of FedEx Ship manager, but It could be very easily modified to accomodate that version too.

Replace your "main/orders_export.tpl" with:
*note: the line breaks are critical to an accurate export! Don't modify the empty space or line breaks!

{* $Id: orders_export.tpl,v 1.5 2003/03/28 08:26:08 svowl Exp $ *} {section name=oid loop=$orders} {if $orders[oid].gcid eq ""} {$orders[oid].orderid|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].s_country|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].firstname|replace:"\"":""} {$orders[oid].lastname|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].company|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].s_address|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].s_city|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].s_state|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].s_zipcode|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].phone|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}R{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].orderid|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].orderid|replace:"\"":""}{$delimiter}{$orders[oid].email|replace:"\"":""} {/if} {/section}

IMPORTANT: You MUST choose "comma" as the CSV Delimiter when you export.

With this set-up, xcart will export the Order ID first, and then all of the customers /shipping/ information. After you import the file into FedEx Ship Manager, all you need to do is enter the Order number, and the rest of the information will "auto complete" (even the email address of the customer for automatic shipment confirmation and tracking number)!

So far, this has reduced the time for 10 shipments from about 45 min, to less than 5 min.

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Old 12-31-2003, 02:13 AM
ms425 ms425 is offline

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Default Phasing out program

Fedex is phasing out the desktop version. Are you planning on changing your mod to use with the online version? I switched recently and they still support the thermal printer.
X-Cart version 4.0.16
Linux server
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Old 12-31-2003, 03:09 PM
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This is cool. I am going to try and do something like this with the canada Post Desktop Software.

Thanks for the reminder and starting point.
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