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Shipping and manufacturers

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Old 03-11-2020, 10:02 AM
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Default Shipping and manufacturers

I've been working with xcart on them upgrading our ancient 4.0.15 version to 5. I love the new admin look and feel and we are busy setting things up to go when wham! No manufacturers option. We drop ship and ship from here so needed the same options we have in v4 where we simply setup a manufacturer and their address and assign products to them. I contact xcart to have this implemented:

1. We drop ship some products as well as ship from here. We need a mod where we can assign products to manufacturers. Those manufacturers will be hidden from the customer but we will be able to enter their addresses in the admin area. If a customer selects products that would 'drop ship' and us, the cart would check with UPS and return shipping rates for the item from the 'drop ship' to the customer and also the item from us to the customer. It would add the individual prices together and display them as one price, the customer never really needing to know things come from all over. Right now the out of the box software has no provisions for other shipping addresses so the shipping calculations only assume everything is coming from us.

2. Secondly, some of our SKU's ship in multiple boxes. In the past we've 'made up' a artificially high weight for the shipment but we want to get more detailed in this build. Say SKU 'A' ships in 3 boxes. We want the individual box size, weight and originating zip code (see manufacturers in point 1 above) to head over to UPS and return the actual shipping costs. We can then always add a percentage or $ in the admin area if needed.

Are there any developers that can handle this? Are there any add-ons for purchase that accomplish this?
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Old 03-11-2020, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: Shipping and manufacturers

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