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CMS & content on page/in sidebar

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Old 02-26-2020, 06:05 AM
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Default CMS & content on page/in sidebar

I REALLY want to be able to add specific content (probably from our blog) to specific categories/products/pages - either in the sidebar (relevant articles or how tos), or below the other content in the form of a heading & image, or a heading, or a small amount of text plus heading &/or image - of course then you click & in a NEW tab see the content.

Id like to be able to have news articles in the sidebar, & new products SPECIFIC to that category too. Maybe a small feed from Instagram or Pinterest or Houzz or Facebook (not twitter) in the sidebar/on the front page/on other pages.

Is this even possible?

Currently we have a wordpress blog connected using Xcarts module. We have a few images on our front page that are actually fed in from wordpress.

IF need be Id be happy to have a Wordpress site content wise with xcart blocks in it (not quite thought this through, but essentially Id be saying this block is for products in this category, this block is for my xcart category text & image, this block is for my xcart product details) but the surrounding design & content is wordpress. Like a reverse of our current front page.

So can I solve my problem? Either with xcart modifications, or a third party add on, or using wordpress either to feed blocks of content in, or to essentially be the structure in which xcart sits?
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   X-Cart forums > X-Cart 5 > Dev Questions (X-Cart 5)

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