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Adding buttons to the checkout header

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Old 03-13-2019, 03:36 AM
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Default Adding buttons to the checkout header

Hi there

I'm not a particular fan of websites that don't offer an easy escape from the checkout, even though it has been suggested to me that this improves conversion rate, so I want to add a couple of buttons/links to the checkout page header. Specifically, View Cart and Continue Shopping, or something very similar to those (I know the logo links to the home page, but I want something more overt).

By some miracle, I have managed to get most of the way there by creating a module, and I now have two links appearing exactly where I want them, and only on the checkout page.

Hopefully I'm getting the terminology right here, but In order to do this, I have made the following declaration in my php file, and I also dibbled about with some css:

* @ListChild (list="layout.header", weight="105")

I still some work to do on layout, but so far so good.

Unfortunately, this only works if my browser is full size, and I don't scroll down. In both cases the standard header disappears and is replaced by the mobile header (or something similar).

Is there an alternative view list I should be using that will also work with the mobile header, and/or can I declare more than one view list?

I should add that I am using Crisp White skin.

Many thanks

X-Cart Business 5.3.6
Various add-ons
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   X-Cart forums > X-Cart 5 > Modifying the design and features (X-Cart 5)

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