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is it possible?

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Old 03-10-2021, 01:28 AM
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Default 6 Common Sewing Machine Problems Faced by Beginners & How to Fix Them

6 Common Sewing Machine Problems Faced by Beginners & How to Fix Them

Naturally, you will come across various problems when working with your sewing machine. Usually, a cheap beginner sewing machine may cause more trouble than a high-end one. Not all issues are severe enough to send your sewing machine for repairs. Some hitches are regular inconveniences that are bound to occur.

This article presents the most common predicaments that occur even with the best sewing machine for beginners. Below are the 6 common problems and their solutions. Happy reading!

#1 Needle Keeps Breaking

Needle breaking or bending is an annoying issue that can be dangerous in some cases. Stop sewing immediately if your needle breaks or bends. Carefully remove it and dispose of it safely.

Always use a new needle before every project. Install it according to the user manual. If you use a new stylus and it still breaks frequently, then your sewing machine has a faulty timing mechanism and needs to be sent for repairs.

#2 Frequent Thread Breakage

If the thread breaks frequently, check to see if you are using the right one. Yarn made for hand sewing is fragile and not suitable for sewing machines.

The top and bottom threads of your machine should have equal weight. If the issue persists, decrease the tension for your top string. Read your sewing machine manual to see which type of thread is suitable for your sewing machine.

#3 Loose Stitches

Some issues occur due to the lack of maintenance of your sewing machine. Make sure to give your mechanical sewing machine a periodic maintenance. One such issue is loose or loopy stitches. Loose stitches are due to thread tension not being set at optimum value.

Adjust the tension of your upper thread to mitigate this issue. If you still face this issue, get your sewing machine checked by a professional.

#4 Sewing Machine Skipping Stitches

Skipping stitches is also a problem caused by faulty or improperly installed needles. If you have a moderate sewing machine for beginners, it will have proper installation instructions in its user manual.

Check to see if your needle is blunt. If yes, replace it with a new one to solve this issue immediately. 

#5 Improper Fabric Feed

Check to see if the drop feed settings of your sewing machine are activated. If these settings are on, deactivate them. It can also be due to issues with presser feet. Ensure that the presser foot of your sewing machine has the correct required pressure for the fabric in use. If the pressure is not optimal, it will result in poor feed.

#6 Strange Noises

If your sewing machine starts making noise during operation, immediately stop sewing. Your sewing machine is likely in need of detailed maintenance. All simple sewing machines for beginners are easy to maintain. They come with a maintenance manual.

If your sewing machine does not have the maintenance manual, call customer support and ask for steps for maintenance.


Our experts strive to provide the right solutions after testing various troubleshooting steps at the lab. You can achieve the desired outcomes on the best rated sewing machines for beginners by resolving these issues immediately. It is a part of learning sewing to deal with the everyday problems of your sewing machine. The setbacks presented in this article are generic and apply to all sewing machines.
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Old 03-10-2021, 01:32 AM
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Default Re: is it possible?

Yes. Check the following article:

You can add the same product to as many categories as you want.
X-Cart Team
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Default Re: is it possible?

Yes, it's very easy - not quite the same in that you don't have a separate "additional categories" field - you just add all the categories you want in one field.
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