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Installation of X-Payments Connector on X-Cart 4.2.x

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Old 07-05-2010, 08:53 AM
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Default Installation of X-Payments Connector on X-Cart 4.2.x

I followed and compared the way X-Connector is installed on 4.3.x systems and a thread in the forum for 4.1.12 system. There are some differences and even though some of the changes I originally made worked I decided to trust QT and made some of the changes per the 4.1.12 thread. Not everything in the 4.1.12 thread applies to 4.2.x systems. Special thanks goes to DogByteMan and his thread Installation of X-Payments Connector on X-Cart 4.1.12 - it helped me with some missing pieces.

You can download instructions for 4.2.x here

X-Payments and X-Connector are now installed on my system (X-Payments being installed a subdirectory) - not live yet as I am waiting for the official release of X-Payments, they are connected and they work together just fine. The domain name of the web address doesn't change and I don't think anyone will be scared because they see and a second later they see (or whatever you named X-Payments directory). I did some test orders and all seems to be in order and working properly. This method adds an additional page to checkout and anyone using it should modify the checkout to explain customers they will see another page and also change the text on the button of last page of xcart checkout. After redirecting to X-Payments page, filling out the CC info and clicking on Submit button, X-Payments automatically redirects back to the store without customers interaction - this is good, many customers just don't use "Click here to get back to store" link which results to "Not finished" order status. It redirects back to the page with the order invoice on successful transaction or to an error page if anything is wrong with the transaction. After all I have to say this is one solution well done by QT. I hope further use of that system will not result of finding some serious bugs. If it wasn't for the delay and the whole fiasco I would give them A.

Feel free to use, modify or post bugs or improvements. If you can't do the installation yourself contact me (email in my signature) or contact your favorite developer/coder to do it for you. To all developers/coders - please feel free to use it to help your customers in this situation. All I ask for is keep this solution FREE as it is posted here for free and do not charge for it (you can charge for installation if you want to). Thanks everybody
Steve Stoyanov
Web Development
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