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Old 06-20-2010, 09:00 PM
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Smile Downloadable product library

We have an existing e-mall with around 5500 downloadable products, but the underlying cart has some severe limitations moving forward. We are presently trialling Xcart and really like the base system as well as available modules and templates, however there is one function that is critical to our site. When client's purchase products they can at any future time log back in to their account and re-download previous purchases. On our existing site we have created a client dashboard for this purpose, not dissimilar to the option provided via the module that allows passworded access to particular sections of the site, however within that section the client can view all past purchases and re-download Egoods. Is there any such module for doing something similar in Xcart?

Thanks in advance!
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Old 06-21-2010, 04:46 AM
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Default Re: Downloadable product library

Hi mrhasbean,

Thank you for taking interest in our software and welcome aboard.

Unfortunately, X-Cart's standard Egoods module doesn't provide downloads history functionality out of the box. A few minutes after an order with a downloadable product has been processed, a customer, who placed the order for a downloadable product, receives an email message ( 'Order is processed' notification) with a download key. (a link like The customer must then follow the link and download the product before the key has expired. The expiration period, which is also referred to as TTL (time to live), is defined by the store administrator on the module's configuration page. The TTL countdown for a download key begins immediately after the order has been processed and X-Cart sent a message with the key.

Unfortunately, I am not aware of a mod that implements necessary functionality. So I believe you should consider customizing X-Cart as an option. Such customization is feasible and if you have appropriate skills you should be able to do it yourself (X-Cart comes with 100% source code opened). If not, you are welcome to contact us for our quote using any time.
Sincerely yours,
Alex Mulin
VP of Business Development for X-Cart
X-Payments product manager
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   X-Cart forums > Considering X-Cart > Considering using X-Cart for my project

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