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Transactions disappearing

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Old 08-04-2012, 10:03 AM
NuAlpha NuAlpha is offline

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Exclamation Transactions disappearing

So I did a test order and after issuing the capture I couldn't find any option to issue a refund back to our card.

I figured this was just the result of the gateway needing enough time to settle before the transaction became refundable so I gave it a couple of days.

Came back today and now I can't find the transaction in the X-Payments admin backoffice. I know I didn't remove it and I'm the only one with access.

Additionally, when I click "update payment information" on the order page I see this error message:
Payment module internal error: the requested action couldn't be completed

I then check the logs and I see this message:
ERROR [2012-04-08 12:39:24]
User:; IP:
Zone: View
Payment not found. Payment external id: "6dd5afb96f368043b0aecf81ca61241a"

Affected systems: View/Admin/Payment.php file (243:assert); Skin/Admin/Payment.php file (19:getPayment); Skin/Admin/Home.php file (205:require_once); Core/View.php file (96:include); Core/View.php file (219:getContent); View/Admin.php file (258:process); Core/Dispatcher.php file (178:process); Application.php file (156:dispatch); xpayments/admin.php file (26:run)

What's going on here?
X-Cart Pro 4.5.5 Platinum
X-Payments 1.0.6
PHP 5.3.14
MySQL 5.1.68
Apache 2.2.23
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Old 08-06-2012, 08:42 PM
joss joss is offline

X-Cart team
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Default Re: Transactions disappearing

The issue turns out to be a known usability problem in X-Payments. Thus only those transactions are listed (and are allowed to be changed), which exactly match the current payment configurations. So, if the configuration is changed somehow (e.g. from Auth only to Auth and capture), X-Payments doesn't allow to access it.

This issue should be fixed in X-Payments 1.0.6.
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The following user thanks joss for this useful post:
NuAlpha (08-07-2012)
   X-Cart forums > X-Payments > X-Payments issues & questions

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