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Xcart; Your future?

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Old 10-28-2002, 04:57 AM
syddos syddos is offline

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Default Xcart; Your future?

Hi All,

As this is now the "General Chat" area, assuming you have all finished customising your sites, you fully understand how xcart works, you are doing great business, and have lots of spear time.

Future Xcart Upgrades?
Have you reduced the amount of customisiation to your site, due to the fear of having to re-build your site, for each new version?

Will your customisations allow you to make easy upgrades to future versions of xcart?

How safe is your Website?
How often do you backup your database?

Have you thought about or implemented "Anti Hacker" programs, in addition to what your host has provided?

If your site has recently gone live, did you remember to re-set the File Permissions to a secure value?


Nothing is impossible, We just don't know how to do it ........Yet!

Xcart 4.1.X PRO (Testing Platform: winXP Pro)
Perl 5.8.7 (win32)
WINAMP 1.6.3 (win32 server package. Includes the following)
- phpMyAdmin v2.8.03
- MySql 5.0.21
- Apache 2.0.55 (win32)
- php 5.1.4
- SQLitemanager 1.2.0
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Old 10-29-2002, 09:43 PM
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Forgot to mention did you make sure all 3 default admin/provider accounts have been either deleted or passwords have changed.
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Old 11-12-2002, 09:53 PM
derrick92130 derrick92130 is offline

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Default X-Cart Planning for Ongoing Support

Upgrades will always be an issue when making significant customization. The obvious beauty of X-Cart is that you have source, and can modify the cart in literally any way necessary to accomodate custom business models.

When I finished the first X-Cart (using 3.1.1), I closely documented all files and changes so I could manage an upgrade if the customer so desired. Since their products required significant customization of not only templates, but much of the php code as well to accomodate variable pricing based upon customer provided entries, I ended up with over 150 modifications. Some of the code (in the previous config.php, now in func.php) has received logic changes and would need to be redesigned to be migrated to a new release.

This has been a constant judgement call for each of my customers (only three so far, but two more on the way) as to whether the advantages to the upgraded versions are worth the expense to move them to the new version, especially if they needed deep PHP logic changes.

Backups. I have been too cavalier on this one leaving it to the discipline of the customer to manually do backups. I am going to start implementing with the script provided on the MySQL forum on all future sites. Thanks for the tips!
FreeRangeMinds, LLC
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