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Overwrite templates

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Old 02-06-2003, 03:58 AM
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Default Overwrite templates


I am just about to try some new design things with these smarty template things and was just wondering that if I mess up, or want to return to the default xcart, can I just upload and overwrite all the files in 'skin1' or do I have to do something different????

(don't worry - its not live)

Also, is it possible to set up a test directory in which to experiment with design when the site does go live????

Cheers (there will be more questions no doubt)

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Old 02-06-2003, 05:12 AM
Parrot Parrot is offline

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The templates may always revert back to the original if you click on restore files located at the bottom of each template file. Just be sure not to delete any templates without making a file to hold a copy for restore purposes.

If you wish to restore this template from the repository click the button below.
Note: all changes made to this template will be lost.

The languages, images, etc do not have this feature, so make yourself a back up copy just in case.

As far as having a backend copy for experimentation of the site, I am not sure of the rules on this. Sorry RRF. Please let us know if you read this, as I would like to know the answer too. It is hard to make changes to the templates while you are live, while not knowing if there is a customer browsing the site at the time. Never fails, when I make changes to the config end of my site, someone is always in there making an order. One minute the site is blue and red, the next it is green and orange! Must be sending most of my customers running from their computer screaming! "This can't be happening" He would think he just started playing the Eternal Darkness game and was losing his sanity levels. (okay! I crack myself up here)

I do think we are not allowed to have 2 live sites running, and never use one license for more than 1 domain name.

I do really hope this helps!
Sorry for the sillyness...
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Old 02-06-2003, 06:47 AM
funkydunk funkydunk is offline

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I did ask rrf this question and if the demo/play site is on the www then an extra licence is required.

Totally agree that template changing to a live site are dangerous so would recommend setting your local PC up as a server. Not as difficult as it sounds really - you can download any number of programmes that load, PHP, MySql, PHP Myadmin, Apache etc for your PC platform. (try}

I did this for Win XP pro and in ten minutes (give or take) I had a fully operational server as an almost exact copy of the real webserver. Fully configured and ready to run xcart.

Then put a copy of the raw untampered site to the the c:/program files/apache group/apache/htdocs/[your xcart] directory on your pc.

You will need to go through the normal install procedure first (as per proper site) so will need to set up a dbase in PHP myadmin first. It is best to set it all up as a complete mirror of your www server so that tests/ experiment replicate the real thing and that the config files done get confusing.

Once the raw site is there get a backup from the www site and 'restore' this into the local test version. Then finally copy across all the files/templates/graphics to the htdocs/[xcart dir] directory that have been amended or added.

If you manage this with dreamweaver mx or the like you can set up an application server (your test server) and the ftp server so that it makes this process easier.

All in all about 45 minutes and you ready to play/test.

Parrot - you're right totally lost
ex x-cart guru
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