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Minimum wholesale subtotal mod
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Old 04-23-2014, 01:26 PM
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Default Minimum wholesale subtotal mod

Sellers in wholesale almost always have a minimum order requirement, but X-Cart 4.x has no setting for that.

This mod takes the built-in minimum order setting for all customers and uses it for wholesale customers only. One line of code is added to include/checkout.php. The minimum for retail buyers becomes fixed at zero, and the minimum for wholesale buyers is whatever you enter in Settings-->General settings-->('Purchase limitations' section)

Check to confirm that both Wholesale membership and the Wholesale module are both enabled. Back up include/checkout.php, then open to edit and find (may be line 50)
&& $config['General']['minimal_order_amount'] > 0
Insert the following after (the comment line is optional)
// next line added to check if user has 'Wholesale' memebership
&& $user_account['membershipid'] == 2
Save and load the edited file to the server. Start test orders for both retail and wholesale users with amounts below and above the minimum to confirm that the mod is working. All orders except for Wholesale under the minimum should proceed from cart to checkout.

"2" is the default membershipid number for 'Wholesale'. If adding the line above does not work, export MEMBERSHIPS, open to view and see if the number is still 2. If not, change to number to actual.

Because this mod changes the meaning of the minimum order subtotal, I used Webmaster mode to edit the text where the setting is made.

On the General Settings page, below the heading "Purchase limitation", I changed the text for the first two options to be:
Minimum allowed wholesale order subtotal.
Retail orders are set to 0.00 and cannot be changed.

Maximum allowed order subtotal (0 means no maximum limit)
This is for all orders, retail and wholesale.
Thanks to Mike White at Babymonkey Studios for helping me get the line syntax correct.
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   X-Cart forums > X-Cart 4 > Changing and adding new features

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