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LC3 alpha 2 ("X-Cart 5 Lite") is released

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Old 01-14-2011, 08:35 AM
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Default Re: LC3 alpha 2 ("X-Cart 5 Lite") is released

Last I saw posted they said that LC3/X-Cart5 is a complete solution using Drupal - LC3 operates on the Drupal platform. They are not planning on making it a MODULE for Drupal, however it will connect with Drupal for other aspects of the site.

Right now the only available LC3 version is an alpha version that is bundled with Drupal into a single package and can be downloaded from our website.

Will LC3/XC5 be a module for Drupal?
No, LC3/XC5 is a stand-alone web application. However, it can run in a connection with Drupal and display its blocks and pages (catalog pages, the cart page, checkout, orders) inside a Drupal-based website.
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