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Newsletter - Specials Email Sign-Up At Top Of Page

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Old 08-16-2005, 04:25 PM
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Default Newsletter - Specials Email Sign-Up At Top Of Page

Our company needed a mod for xcart that would allow us to do away with the news sidebox, and to put up a newsletter - specials sign-up at the top of the site. We had no need for the news portion of the box yet wanted to keep the part that would allow customers to subscribe easily.

You can view an example of this mod here:

Here is our mod, written on xcart Version 4.0.14:

1 - Create a file in your skin1 directory named news_subscribe_top.tpl

2 - Paste the following code into that file and save it:

{* $Id: news_subscribe_top.tpl,v 1.0 2005/08/16 04:58:00 gear box computers $ *} <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr> {if $active_modules.News_Management && $is_news_exist eq 'Y'} <FORM action="{$xcart_web_dir}/mail/subscribe.php" name="subscribeform"> <td nowrap>[img]{$ImagesDir}/spacer.gif[/img]</td> <td nowrap>Get Specials By Email: </td> <td nowrap>[img]{$ImagesDir}/spacer.gif[/img]</td> <td nowrap><INPUT name="newsemail" type="text" value="Enter Your Email Address" size="25"></td> <td nowrap>[img]{$ImagesDir}/spacer.gif[/img]</td> <td nowrap>{include file="buttons/subscribe_menu.tpl"}</td> <td nowrap>[img]{$ImagesDir}/spacer.gif[/img]</td> </form> {/if} </tr> </table>

3 - In skin1/customer/home.tpl find the following line of code:

{ include file="news.tpl" }

4 - Change to:

{* { include file="news.tpl" } *}
--this comments out the news box--

5 - Open skin1/head.tpl and paste the following line between the <td>i.e. paste here</td> tags where you would like it displayed:

{include file="news_subscribe_top.tpl"}

That's it 5 easy steps - enjoy!
Version 4.0.14 (non-xcart) (moving to xcart - under development)
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Old 08-17-2005, 03:52 AM
balinor balinor is offline

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Nice clean little mod, thanks for sharing!
Padraic Ryan
Ryan Design Studio
Professional E-Commerce Development
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