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change default quantity to 0

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Old 03-07-2022, 11:52 AM
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Default change default quantity to 0

Hi, I'm using the quantity text box instead of the drop down for the quantity amount on my products. I want to set the default amount to 0 but can't seem to get it to work. Currently it is set to 1.

I've been looking at this line of code...


If I change the "1" to "0" nothing happens. If I delete $product.appearance.min_quantity and enter a "0" it works however I was hoping someone could tell me where this variable is being pulled from so I could change it in the actual variable.

I've also tried to change the "minimum order quantity" on an actual product edit page from 1 to 0 but when I hit "apply changes" it defaults back to 1.

This is in x-cart version 4.7.11
__________________ - X-Cart Version 4.7.11 Gold Plus php7.3
running on UNIX X-Cart Gold Plus - Version 4.7.11 php7.2
cdseo pro
running on UNIX
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Old 03-08-2022, 04:35 AM
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Default Re: change default quantity to 0

Because you cannot have quantity of 0 for order so minimum is 1. The min_quantity is set in func.product.php within the "appearance" function however I wouldn't change that as it is used in other places as well and you may end up having errors loading pages. You can change the whole expression

to 0 if you want to
Steve Stoyanov
Web Development
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Old 03-14-2022, 06:55 AM is offline

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Default Re: change default quantity to 0

I still have a lot of x-cart classic Licenses not sold out yet! too Bad!!!

x-cart 5 needs to pay yearly, too bad either!
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