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Default Re: Show Online Product Count

The Webmaster Kit module works only in admin area. For the storefront you don't need it.
This was changed long time ago - at some point with XC 5.3.x. Before that the module was called Webmaster Mode and was needed for both admin and storefront. Now you don't need anything extra for the storefront as it is built-in. For admin you need the Websmaster Kit module.

Keep in mind what's built-in for storefront and the Webmaster Kit module are not the same. And they don't work in the same way.

So if you want to see and edit templates, language variables (labels), and whatever else is showing there for storefront you don't need any module. All you need to do is to login to admin and open new tab within the same browser for the storefront.

For admin you do need to use the Webmaster Kit module to find the template to edit and whatever else is showing you.

Another thing to keep in mind - making changes to templates for storefront directly with the template editor will save these using the Theme Tweaker module (so you need this module present and active) and you can continue editing these from admin (modified templates page) but I am not sure if the same is true for editing templates for admin.

In other words before there was only one unified module/way of doing all this. Now you have 2 separate ones based on the area you are modifying and with 5.4.x you actually have 3rd area which is absolutely uneditable - the service area. So it gets messy ...
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