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Default Re: Abandoned Cart Reminder for X-Cart 5

Hello Dirk,

I've checked the source code and it is X-Cart 5 that adds all the tags (including the logo) wrapping around the e-mail body. As far as I see I have almost no control over the logo position and the size from my module.

Please, could you attach screenshots of how the "correct" e-mail (the regular) and the "wrong" one (the cart reminder) looks like? Also, can you let me have your logo so that I could check it on my local installation?

Originally Posted by snowboard
With the "abandoned cart" emails, my logo is stretched out from its original size of 220px to the full width of the email, which makes it huge and pixelated.

This does not seem to happen with order notification emails and other emails from x-cart, or with the default logo from x-cart.
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