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Default "ARB" - Automatic rebelling question

Lately I am constantly being hit up with emails from X-Cart telling me some module or other could not be automatically re-billed and that automatic upgraded can no longer be downloaded. Yes, that's right , I don't want every single module in my cart to have an automatic yearly charge applied to it whether it needs upgrading or not, which is why I stopped the automatic billing at the PayPal side.

The question is - to use a module, does this yearly fee need to be paid?

Currently they ask me to pay the yearly upgrade fee for the "Product Questions" module even though this module is relatively simple and is working perfectly. Why would I want to pay a fee for future upgrades to this NOW? If it gets to the point where I need to pay to upgrade it, sure, then I will pay it AT THAT TIME. It's not going to be an automatic opening of my wallet whether it needs it or not, however.

This is a turn off, I hope someone is listenting.
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