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Default Re: Installation of X-Payments Connector on X-Cart 4.1.12

Originally Posted by cflsystems
Thanks for posting this, sure there will be users to benefit. In post #4 in the beginning is missing in which file changes go (it is modules/XPayments_Connector/xpc_func.php). Also I think you should mention which payment gateway you are using. I won't be suprised if some changes are specific to the payment gateway (they shouldn't be but who knows...). I am trying to work out one for 4.2.x

Look in the the xpayments/var/log folder for clues.

In my installation, using FirstData, there is a problem.

ERROR [2010-03-07 00:01:34]
User: unknown; IP:
Zone: Transport
Response code returned by payment module contains unallowed characters - "1603518937562682:YYYM:"

Clearly the "1603518937562682:YYYM:" is valid, X-Payments handler for FirstData has a problem. I have submitted a ticket.

Funny, a declined transaction works correctly. Only the successful ones have the problem.
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