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Default 5-10% without Javascript? Show me the proof.

I tested that store and it seems really slow and my broswer hangs for a few secs while the new window opens. I don't really like it. Seems slower than it should be. Why is a popup window a good idea for your cart? Do you really think that makes it quicker/easier to use?

Also, X-Cart already requires Javascript if you've got any validation scripts set for your product options so the Javascript issue mentioned above seems pretty irrelevent.

I'm not sure where you got that stat about 5-10% of browsers having JavaScript turned off, but I'd be interested to know the source, and how the stats were gathered. Our server stats show less than 1% of our visitors have javascript turned off. In addition, since all major browsers ship with JavaScript turned on by default, you can assume that those who do not, are probably power users who would most likely already know that turning off JavaScript can cause parts of web sites not to work. Just my 2 cents.

All in all, I have no sympathy for users who turn off JavaScript for no reason and if they have problems on our site because they did something stupid, chances are they will also have problems using our downloadable software products. This means there's a good chance they will cost more to support than we will make off them and so I don't worry about too much about losing their business due to JavaScript being turned off.

Of course, I'm just a mean computer nerd so there you go.
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