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Default Subscription status: Not created

I have seen a few of these now on subscriptions with a successful checkout. There are not many, maybe 10 in the last 200 subscriptions, but still there seems to be some sort of problem.

Below is an x-payment connector error for the same time as the latest "not created".

[05-Jun-2018 20:55:51] xpay_connector message: Process callback data. Transaction id is not found Request URI: /store/payment/cc_xpc.php Backtrace: /public_html/store/modules/XPayments_Connector/xpc_func.php:2278 /public_html/store/modules/XPayments_Connector/xpc_func.php:862 /public_html/store/payment/cc_xpc.php:380

However, I get this error showing up in the logs a number of times (30 in the last 400 orders).

If I were to guess, it is that the when one of the above errors happens and it is for a subscription, that is the cause of the "not created". Though I am not sure.

Any ideas on why this error is happening? Some timeout or something I have set too low on my server? X-payments is hosted, but xcart is on my own server.
XC Plat 4.7.3
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