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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

Geolocation module for XC5 uses MaxMind GeoLite database - as mentioned in the module description. It uses static file supplied with the module which means - it can be inaccurate in many cases.
For this module to show accurate results the GeoLite database must be downloaded on a regular bases however this may require subscription with MaxMind.

The XC4 module uses geoip PHP extension.

Completely different approach for the GDPR module. In XC4 I believe ITVV is correct that in XC4 if you are not coming from EU the checkbox will not show - the code is tied to the geoip and turns off the module in this case. With module off nothing from it will work.

I am not sure if this is the case with XC5 version of the module.
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