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Default Re: X-Payments 1.0.6 works with XC 4.5.4


Yes -- the "lite" interface was not tested (and I believe will not work) with 4.5.4 and XP 1.0.6, but the "default" template was, and it works fine.

As I stated above, 1.0.6 with the Altered Cart CheckoutOne XPC module also works fine with 4.5.4, and this DOES solve the iFrame issue for 4.5.4 carts without forcing us to upgrade to 4.5.5

The Altered Cart solution solves the iFrame issue and also solves the "not finished" order issue. Best $50 a store using Checkout One can invest.

xcart 4.5.4 gold+ w/x-payments 1.0.6; xcart gold 4.4.4
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