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Default Re: X-Cart and PCI-DSS / PA-DSS compliance

I need to be pci compliant as iam moving over to Barclays ePDQ and with this new compliance thing in June i must sort the 2 errors out that Mcfee pci scan picked upon.

I use Paypal Standard at present but as most people state on the forum its not very profesional customers leaving your site to pay. By me moving over to Barclays they are actualy offering a better rate than Paypal pro but even if i chose this method id still need to be pci compliant.
Ive just intalled a new SSL certificate in my eyes a better one, clickable so customers can check, iam trying to do everything to be secure, even if i didn't need to be compliant its always good to find any vulnerabilities and get them adrressed for peice of mind for you and your customers...
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