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Default Re: Adding new property to a product (radio button) for Xcart 5

You must extend the \XLite\Logic\Export\Step\Products to export and the \XLite\Logic\Import\Processor\Products to import you new property. For example to import:

abstract class Products extends \XLite\Logic\Import\Processor\Products implements \XLite\Base\IDecorator
protected function defineColumns()
$columns = parent::defineColumns();

$columns['tester'] = array();

return $columns;

protected function importTester(\XLite\Model\Product $model, $value, array $column)


Originally Posted by siddharth.puri@wheelandba
Hi, following the same method as mentioned int he docs - ; I added a new property to the product.
How can I now include that property to import and export of products?
Xcart 4.x.x
Xcart 5.x.x
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