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Default Re: X-Cart v5.3.5: Better Email Delivery, Multivendor Improvements, Orders Feed for Royal

Originally Posted by xim
Steve, we do not see the reason to have admin and customer accounts for the same email and work with these accounts as separated.

Moreover, using the information that admin is surfed through customer area we can show special feature for him as "webmaster mode, in-line editing, operate as a user popup". A lot of existing customers reports us that find this feature very useful, even who also migrates from v4 to v5.

You can fix your problem very easily: just replace the email for customer profile using + sing. For example, continue using "" for the admin account, but replace the email of the customer account with the "" variant.

I know I can fix it by changing the email. That was not the question.
The question is why when someone is trying to login XC is searching by email only disregarding the area. The login request to db is

find all records with email and give me the first one

instead of

find all records with email for zone...

The request to the db is not restrictive to the area. If it is there will be no problem having customer and admin with same email.

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