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Default Re: X-Cart v5.3.5: Better Email Delivery, Multivendor Improvements, Orders Feed for Royal

Using the dynamic url ensures the page will always work even if its clean url changes at some point.

Here is very simple example.
By default the contact page is like this -
This is preset in config file (while using the underscore in the first place is a mystery to me)

If the store is started like this and links in menus use and 2 months down the road it is decided to correctly rename the clean url to "contact-us" or even just "contact" the menu links will stop working. Now whoever is making the change has to know or remember to go to the menus and replace the links.

Isn't it way better if the menus use dynamic links in admin but are converted to clean urls when loading the store front? This is how it should work to begin with.
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