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Default Re: X-Payments "Connection timed out" Issue

Same host.

The problem goes away when I remove iframe, so that the card is entered after customer presses submit.

Further info: When I log into x-payments, my template page will no longer load, so I cannot access/edit/review any of the templates, either default or the one custom template we made.

The URL is /xpayments/admin.php?target=templates

The page says "Payment templates... This page allows you to customize and preview payment templates." Then there is a gray line and the rest of the page is blank.

I checked permissions--they seem fine.

Running Xpayments 3.02, x-cart 4.7.7...but I think this is an xpayments issues.

Oddly, there are no clues in either the xcart logs or the xpayments logs.
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X-Cart version 4.7.11

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