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Default Re: Facebook Feed rejected

I am by no means an expert in this, but I do use this feed and the same currency without seeing these issues. The issues I'm having are different, but they do not lead to any products being rejected.

In admin, if I check under Store Setup, Localization, Currency, my settings are:

Store currency - GBP - Pound Sterling
Format - 1234.99
Prefix - £
Suffix - (nothing)

Are yours the same?

In my feed file, even in excel, there is no '£' symbol or special character, but 'GBP' is present.

Also, in Facebook business manager, I think you can see some of the products that are causing errors, and some examples of the values that Facebook doesn't like. Does that indicate a special character in your price field (leaving Excel out of the equation)?

X-Cart Business 5.3.6
Various add-ons
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