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Default Re: Facebook Feed rejected

First of why are you using both £ and GBP? It should one or the other but not both. Or is this how the feed is exported by the module?
The currency is not something you will find in the database. The price is just a float number in the database. The currency and/or the symbol for the currency is something you will enter yourself in the settings in admin. So - have you checked that this setting is correctly entered?

 implies hidden symbol so you may not be able to see it in database or in simple text editor.

I would suggest you check the cart settings - currency setup - and you can even re-enter whatever is in there and re-save. Especially if you use the wizard to migrate from XC4 to XC5.

Also - don't trust much Excel for csv files. Excel is not a good choice for edit/view csv files.
OpenOffice Calc or better yet LibreOffice Calc is way way better.
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