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Default Re: Updated X-Cart 4.x connector for X-Payments

"X-Payments Started" order entries is not a bug. That version of X-Payments connector was developed that way due to architecture of X-Cart 4.

I do agree it was not right for your integration with OneSaaS as well as for many other merchants. That's why we released all the X-Cart updates we are talking about here and provided them free of charge.

The updated connector modules are provided free of charge along with installation instructions inside the packages. If you want our techs to do the installation for you - yes, you need to buy an appropriate service. But you do not have to buy that service. The module is available for downloading in your File Area and you can install it yourself, too.

I suggest to test a fresh install of our latest X-Cart 4.6.4 connected to your X-Payments before doing any changes to a live X-Cart 4.x site as those connector modules implement the same X-Payments Connector functionality we coded in 4.6.4.
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