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Default Re: X-Cart 5.3.4: AMP, Onboarding Wizard, Progressive JPEG, Bug Fixes

Originally Posted by cflsystems
10 days is not enough time at all for any 3rd party dev to adapt and test their modules to the new release. What happens in this case is the new release will not have 3rd party modules ready or if they say they are ready they won't be fully tested...
....which maybe the answer as to why XC5 upgrades have not always run smoothly in the past...

However, being parochial for a moment, we (currently) don't use any other modules, apart from XC official modules, which should have been tested / verified / signed off BEFORE this latest upgrade and... our own custom modules, which obviously can't be tested (in a dev store) until the upgrade is released. Hence us asking...

We no longer get involved in taking developer level upgrades, because merchant level releases should be a better solution for us and our setup
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