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Default How to link to a specific .pdf file

I am using version Some of our suppliers have sent me PDF files which I would like to put on our site for reference by our customers. Under the category section, I have created a category for the supplier. Under the supplier category, I have added multiple products for the supplier. I know that on the product page, I can add attachments for that specific product. However, the PDF files reference multiple products. The category page does not have a method for adding attachments. I do not want to modify the existing shopping cart software. What I would like to do is to add a folder to the shopping cart website that contains the PDF files. I would then use the link option on the category page to point to the PDF file that I am interested in. I cannot determine how to create the URL path that I would need for the link. Can you help? ..... /my_folder/my_pdf_file.pdf

Would the folder then be in the root folder?

Thank you for any recommendations.
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