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Default Re: X-Cart become subscription based, so what should I do?

If you're selling between $5 and $5000 per month it is too much to pay $199/mo. because any month in this new and mad millenium can be no sales or low sales and you will end up spending your savings on nothing. Yet I am not advertising against X-cart. It just that there is a worldwide trend in all aspects of life and business, in order to destroy the very smallest business. Fedex/TNT is ripping people off with fantasy invoices sent weeks or months after the delivery date. EMS is opening up the shipments and confiscating legally allowed goods. Registered mail is being stolen left and right in formerly self-respectful and developed countries. Crime is skyrocketing. Banks now charge fees to keep your money. Absolute madness with USPS returning mail off the border and the ISC and the new rules to charge import duty even on 1c worth of goods. Etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on. If I was them I would have kept selling v.4.7.x to those who want to become owners rather than tenants.

There are still free carts available too as well such as osCommerce etc. but I am not trying to promote them here.
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