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Default how to change text on checkout-page?

I have a wholesale website where customers place their order, can then optionally pay for the product, and once it ships I then invoice them for the shipping separately.

the margins are too slim and many shipments are multiple boxes or even LTL shipping cost has to be first be established in order to invoice the correct amount.

recently I have lost two customers because they thought the '$0.00' next to the shipping options meant that shipping was free.

This is what my checkout page used to look like:

In order remove the $0.00 fields I wrote a small snipped of CSS code to hide them:

.shipping-selector-box .shipping-rates .surcharge {
visibility: hidden !important;
padding: 0px;
margin: 0px;
.SHIPPING-modifier.shipping-code-modifier span.value span.surcharge span.surcharge-cell {
visibility: hidden !important;

Now it looks like this:

how can I change the non-label text from 'Shipping cost:' to Shipping Cost TBD!'
and change the 'Total: $##.##' to 'Total product cost: $##.##'?

i forsee losing more customers as they may still think that 'total' means total price including shipping unless I can fix that.

ideas on how to edit? I looked at the twig templates and no luck.

cart version is
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