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Default "Exit Offers" module for X-Cart 5


I'm happy to announce the new module for X-Cart 5 - Exit Offers!

How this works: when a visitor moves the mouse towards browser tabs, the module shows the exit popup with the content configured by the store administor. So, you may try to get the visitor back to your website by giving him, for example, a discount coupon. Or letting him know about some special offer available in your online store.

The popup shows up only once per visitor to not annoy them.

It is possible to set up multiple exit popups so that, for example, visitors without items in their carts will see a "general" offer, while visitors having products in their carts will get a better discount coupon.

The module preloads the popup contents and updates it with Ajax in background, so the delay before the popup pops up is minimal

Also, it is possible to use the Theme Tweaker module to change styles of the exit popup as you want (or you can add your styles with a custom module).

Feel free to ask me there if you have any questions or face any issues with the module.

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