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Thank You for these excellent tips! I am a newbie to Xcart and your instructions have helped me tremendously during this learning stage while modding the cart for my purposes.

I am wondering what happened to #3, or am I just missing something here?

3. Sometimes I don't want my "store admins" to be able to create new administrators - - - sounds easy to do with the logic above, but you don't want to just take out the link "users" because that disables the ability for them to administrate their customers as well. So this fix makes it so that the "manage administrators" link dissapears while keeping the "manage customers" link intact. This is a tricky fix... I'm running out the door but will post this fix and more later tonight.

Using xcart v4.0.13 I am creating a new admin level based on the 'Fulfillment staff' templates. I've created a new directory and inserted home.tpl and menu.tpl in it to show only what I want this level of admin to see. So far so good - it works! Now I run into the problem of the "In this section" dialog box under "Users Management". I want to hide some of those links - in particular the ability to create new admins!

I think I have it narrowed down to dialog_tools.tpl, but cannot get any further...

Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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x-cart gold v4.1.8
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